About Me


(Photo from “Back in the day” – A workshop with actress Felicia Rashad at The Negro Ensemble Company)

I am a native of Newark, NJ.  I am actor-writer – blogger – drama teacher and more.  I have been acting for over 30 years and have appeared in over 30 plays within the NY/NJ regional theater
arena.  Although I have years of experience in the “mainstream” film/television market, my focus of late has been in the independent realm, where I have been producing, writing, acting and coaching talent.  I have a lot of family in the Atlanta, Ga area,  so I make frequent trips there and am looking to link to the film and television community there.  
Some of my film/television credits are Law & Order, Conviction, Ghost Stories, Homicide (Life on the streets), Copland, Zoo, Steps, A Key of Brown and The Fearless One.  Some of my memorable stage credits include A Raisin in the Sun, The Colored Museum, 12 Angry Men, Day of Absence and many more.  My demo reel and clips of older work can be found under my “demo reels” page.

I have been fortunate in that I have studied acting at many good schools and in the company of some very special and talented people.  Some of those places include HB Studios – NYC, The Negro Ensemble Company-NYC, One on One – NYC,  Weist-Barron School – NYC, The Whole Theater – NJ, The Henry Settlement – NYC, and more – all under the guidance of some really awesome teachers.   I have been directed in the theater by such noted figures as Michelle Shay, Susan Watson-Turner,  the late Chuck Patterson, the late Frances Foster, the late Nathan George, Charles Weldon and so many others; all shaping or influencing my process in some way.

As a drama coach, I have taught workshops in several states across the U.S., as well as at Broadway Dance Center in NYC.   I am the co-founder of MPAC (Manhattan Performing Arts Company), a program that offered an annual summer intensive curriculum in NYC to teen talents from around the country.  Prospective participants auditioned for the 12-day program via video submission, and those selected studied various genres of dance (tap, jazz, hip-hop, ballet, etc.) with top NY instructors.  They studied voice and acting as well during their full-day in the city, and rehearsed every evening for a musical showcase, written and directed by me, and choreographed by the program’s co-founder, Sheila Barker.  Though the program only had a seven-year run, I am proud to say that an impressive number of alumni from the program have gone on to become professionals in the business, some with an impressive number of Broadway shows to their credit. 

In 2015 I offered two free 9 week sessions to aspiring Newark, NJ residents who could not afford NYC prices or just wanted to see if acting was for them.  I continue to mentor, guide and nurture the careers of some former students as well as keep a door open for the newbies that get referred my way. I try to pass on, pass down, give back, just as it was so graciously given to me by so many well-remembered mentors and ancestors of the arts… I try.

In earlier times I have been a stand-in for Wesley Snipes, Dave Chappelle, and Malik Yoba.  I am also no stranger to the extra-work culture. That is how I learned my way around movie and television sets during my transition from stage to screen. I advise aspiring actors to do extra work to experience the pace, process, and protocols of the environment, and to remember to treat everyone with dignity and respect. You never know, that person working as a grip, production assistant or pulling focus for the DP might be the next Spielberg tomorrow. Never develop an “Act-titude”. This is a tight-knit industry where bad reputations travel fast.

In my spare time, I love to cook for my family. I can spend hours watching some of my favorite programs on the Food Network, picking up new ideas.  I have one daughter, one step-daughter, one step-son and two amazing grandchildren (boy and girl). When time allows I play tennis, which I have been doing for over 3 decades, more for the fun of it than for competition – but don’t get it twisted – I have a mean serve.  I am an avid movie-goer.   I love the experience of leaving my brain outside the door, wrapping myself up in the warmth and titillating vibrations of surround-sound, munching on popcorn (Yeah with that butter-like topping) and immersing myself into a high def delivered story on the big screen.  Other times I love to catch Off-Broadway productions in the outer reaches of Manhattan with my wife, and we both enjoy the multi-cultural cuisines that the city has to offer.  I am a computer geek at heart.  I am a former software quality assurance analyst and web developer.  Who do you think built this site?

I am CEO of Expert Services, LLC, my web development service. If you’re in need of a website, hit me up!